Supply and trading

Oryx Energies has a dedicated trading arm, Addax Energy, which was formed in 1987. Our trading arm sources crude oil and refined products on the open market from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, and supplies them to our downstream activities, as well as third parties.

Liquid hydrocarbons remain a primary energy source today whether in the form of fuels (such as petroleum, gasoline or jet fuel), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (primarily butane and propane), oils (for making lubricants) or bitumen (for building roads). Around the world, hydrocarbons are central to powering engines and turbines for a host of applications including transportation (road, air and sea) as well as being used for heating, cooking, power generation, construction and many other things.

Oryx Energies focuses on the sourcing and supply of liquid hydrocarbons to countries across sub-Saharan Africa, where energy needs continue to grow to keep pace with the continent's economic and social development.

Our trading arm has the advantage of access to Oryx Energies' storage terminals located at key strategic locations along the coasts of West and East Africa. The service supplies all grades of fuels in a number of African ports and is active in bunkering trading worldwide. Bunkering activities are run by our Oryx Bunkering Services brand, which manages both bunkering trading as well as the range of specialised bunkering services.

We also operate a high-quality shipping fleet with all the loading and discharge options necessary for reliable delivery services onshore and offshore.

Since December 2014, Oryx Energies has also been operating its own newly-built state-of-the-art oil terminal at Las Palmas, in Spain's Canary Islands. Dedicated to distillates and heavy fuel oil, the facility has a storage capacity of 220,000 m3 and access to a long deep water jetty. The terminal enables Oryx Energies to control its sourcing and supply of fuels for its own affiliates across West Africa thanks to its trading arm. It has also enabled Oryx Bunkering Services to become a physical supplier of bunkers in the Port of Las Palmas, ex-pipe or via barge deliveries, proposing a reliable bunker supply to customers in this strategic location, on the main commercial route between Europe, West Africa and the Americas.

Our integrated model gives our trading arm the distinct advantage of having access to readily-available storage facilities across sub-Saharan Africa, while our downstream business can be sure of having a reliable supply of product that can be stored, distributed, packaged (e.g. LPG cylinders) or transformed (e.g. lubricants blending).

This model has made us one of the most experienced, reliable and extensive independent energy providers in Africa.

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