Oryx Energies launches advanced performance fuels for Africa

25 July 2023

Starting with The Gambia, Oryx Energies has launched a transformational advanced fuel offering for the African market.

Available in both petrol and diesel versions, and compatible with all existing engines, Oryx Energies’ additive-enriched fuels deliver significant new benefits for motorists. Both versions help to extend engine life. The petrol and diesel offering additionally lowers maintenance costs and improves fuel efficiency. These benefits come at no extra cost for the consumer.

The additives behind these benefits have been validated by a world leader in testing, inspection and certification as meeting the highest European industry standards. Oryx Energies’ performance-enhancing advanced fuels will be rolled out to further countries in Africa, both East and West.
Abderrahman Aregabi, Oryx Energies Group Business Line Manager B2C, observed: “This new launch takes our customer-centric approach to the next level, delivering performance and economy improvements that drivers throughout Africa will come to value as the roll-out progresses.”

Babacar Ndiaye, Managing Director of Oryx Energies Gambia Ltd., added: “This exciting product enhancement yet further underlines Oryx Energies’ powerful commitment to continuous improvement in the service of the customer and to the automotive sector not only in The Gambia but across Africa wherever Oryx Energies operates.”

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