Our vision is to be the most admired, independent oil and gas group in sub-Saharan Africa. With over 35 years in Africa, and a presence in 17 Sub-Saharan countries, this vision reflects our continued commitment to supporting economic and social evolution in Africa.

Our business strategy for achieving this focuses on our becoming the most extensive, integrated downstream platform in the region. This will reinforce our ability to respond and adapt, quickly and reliably, to the product and service needs of our oil and gas customers, whether businesses or private consumers, across one of the fastest growing regions in the world.

Our integrated supply, storage and distribution model will enable us to respond to growing energy needs, while helping to reduce the environmental and health challenges of the extensive use of firewood, charcoal and kerosene energy sources.

Our strategy means further expanding our presence and operations in three key areas:


The reliable sourcing and supply of a variety of fuels (liquid hydrocarbons) that drive economic and social development on the continent, and the further bolstering of our niche bunkering services (for the supply of fuels and services offshore) under the Oryx Bunkering Services brand, which already benefits from a solid reputation and market share in the region.

Strategic storage and distribution facilities:
Further development of the strategic storage facilities that already enable us to quickly and dependably service the needs of coastal and landlocked nations, and the expansion of our distribution networks by increasing the number of service stations, LPG filling and distribution centres, as well as high quality resellers and distributors, including for our lubricants.

Specialty products/services:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG):

Expansion of our network of storage, filling and distribution centres that supply key industries and the demands of domestic cooking and heating in urban and rural areas of Africa.

Extension of our blending and distribution capabilities, through our affiliates and partners, to respond to increasing industrial and domestic demand.

Further development of bunkering coverage, to service the energy needs of clients offshore and on the high seas.