IEA Summit: Oryx Energies reaffirms its commitment to clean cooking

14 May 2024

Oryx Energies, a leading company in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) market in sub-Saharan Africa, reaffirms its commitment to addressing the critical energy needs of the continent, in line with the goals of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Summit on Clean Cooking for Africa.

The summit, taking place today at UNESCO in Paris, convenes global leaders to push for progress on ensuring clean cooking access for all, with a pledge uniting this commitment.

Sub-Saharan Africa faces significant challenges with traditional cooking methods, which pose serious health risks and environmental concerns, particularly deforestation. As such, LPG presents a viable, cleaner alternative that significantly reduces these risks, supports sustainable development, and has a pivotal role to play in the transition towards cleaner energy.

Moussa Diao, CEO of Oryx Energies, stated: "Our participation in the IEA summit is a testament to our commitment to advancing clean cooking solutions across Africa, in addition to the fact that we’ve been a major player in sub-Saharan Africa for over 20 years with several leading positions in West and East Africa. Half of Oryx Energies’ investments goes into LPG, with half of that going towards LPG cylinders. The continued investment in our company’s LPG capabilities helps address not only the immediate health and environmental concerns but also fosters long-term economic and social benefits. The best example is our new LPG activity in Senegal since September 2023, bringing the local population a cleaner, reliable, more sustainable and affordable energy.”

Oryx Energies manages over 10 million LPG cylinders across its operating regions and continues to make substantial investments in LPG import terminals, depots, refilling plants, and distribution networks. Strategically located multiple LPG terminals and storage facilities across Africa ensure a reliable supply and aim to bring energy closer to consumers and enhance accessibility.

Oryx Energies has seen particular success in the LPG market in Tanzania, as the country’s growing economy and population embrace more modern, cleaner energy sources. In 2023, Oryx Energies also announced its investment in Zanzibar’s LPG supply and distribution, with a unique import terminal which has been commissioned in May 2024.

Benoît Araman, Managing Director of Oryx Gas Tanzania Limited, commented: “Our investments in Tanzania reflect our strategic vision to empower and equip communities with sustainable energy solutions, which is why we pioneered and implemented the clean cooking programme here since 2021. As part of our clean cooking initiatives, especially in Tanzania, we are actively working towards the government's target of enabling 80% of the population to access clean cooking solutions by 2034. We are dedicated to being close to our consumers, understanding their needs, and giving them access to a reliable and affordable energy."

Across its affiliates, Oryx Energies continues to expand its LPG distribution network to include more rural areas, guaranteeing access to clean energy even in the most remote regions.

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