Oryx Energies opens Tanzania’s first LPG requalification plant

25 February 2016

Oryx Energies has just commissioned the first Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder testing and requalification plant in Tanzania.

The country’s first, the plant ensures that our cylinders are more easily checked at the regular intervals required to ensure that they meet both Tanzanian and international safety standards. Cylinders were previously sent to Kenya to ensure the safety and integrity of Oryx Energies cylinders in the Tanzanian market.

Oryx Energies is the market leader in LPG in Tanzania, with over 1 million cylinders in circulation. The requalification plant, operated by a team of 10, is currently capable of requalifying 200 cylinders per day.

“By building a plant here in Tanzania, we have created jobs and facilitated our quality assurance processes. The objective is to continue to ensure that every Oryx Energies cylinder in the market is safe for all our customers to enjoy,” commented Nick McAleer, Oryx Energies’ Country Director.

The plant is part of our ambitious growth plans aimed at making LPG available to all parts of the country.

Oryx Energies has been promoting LPG in Africa for over 15 years as a cleaner, safer, healthier and competitive alternative to charcoal and firewood. We also offer bulk installations of LPG tanks for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.