Arnaud Talabardon


Arnaud Talabardon was appointed Chairman of Oryx Energies’ Board of Directors from 1 July 2017. He has also been Vice-Chairman of parent-company AOG's Board of Directors since 1 July 2016. Mr. Talabardon is AOG’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a position he has held since May 2006. He joined AOG as Deputy Group CFO in November 1996 and was respectively CFO of AOG’s Trading Division (from 2002) and Trading and Downstream Divisions (from 2004).

Mr. Talabardon has over 20 years of finance experience in the oil trading industry, including at BNP Paribas Energy & Commodities in Geneva, Switzerland.

Arnaud Talabardon has a B.Sc. in International Management from MBA-IMIP in Paris, France, and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands.