Oryx Energies is a group of companies, majority-owned by private investment group AOG, and we have been responding to the oil and gas product and service needs of consumers and businesses across sub-Saharan Africa for over 35 years.

We were formed by the merger of AOG's trading and downstream operations, with an ambition to become the most extensive integrated downstream platform in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oil trading

Our oil trading division began in 1987, as the first activity of the Addax and Oryx Group (AOG). Focused, initially, on the purchase and delivery of crude oil and refined petroleum products for Africa, it rapidly expanded, ensuring imports of gasoline, jet fuel and heating oil for coastal and inland nations in West and then East Africa. It subsequently became a leading group in the independent petroleum trade in Africa.

In 1989, it further extended its service offering with the creation of a trading arm, today known as Addax Energy which supply fuel, marine lubricants and other specialised services, offshore and on the high seas across sub-Saharan Africa. The service leverages Oryx Energies’ facilities at strategic locations along the coasts of Africa, ensuring a seamless service from product sourcing to delivery.



Our downstream operations also began in 1989, when AOG acquired and upgraded the Exxon petroleum depot in Dakar, Senegal. This natural and rapid extension from trading into physical assets reflected our early understanding and commitment to the need to respond to Africa's growing energy needs by reaching end consumers.

This commitment has continued to grow over the years and makes Oryx Energies one of the largest and longest established, and most experienced, independent downstream businesses on the continent.

Additional strategic storage facilities were soon added to ensure a reliable supply of essential products from regional hubs to landlocked countries. These include the key terminals today in:

Sierra Leone
Spain (Las Palmas)

Our commitment to providing a complete range of energy solutions in Africa has seen us diversify into several energy-related specialist products over the years: these include Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a modern replacement for firewood, charcoal and paraffin (kerosene) for heating and cooking; lubricants for consumers, businesses and marine customers.

Today, Oryx Energies has become the preferred partner for many industrial and mining groups thanks to a strong reputation for providing a wide range of reliable products and dependable services (including full on-site service management). This is made possible by our integrated value chain and an efficient operating culture. Meanwhile, the Oryx Energies brand is becoming increasingly familiar to African consumers thanks to a growing network of service stations and LPG centres, bringing essential energy products to the end users in urban and rural areas.