We have been in Nigeria since 1989 and operate an integrated oil and gas supply, storage and distribution business with some competitive advantages that have enabled us to develop and grow our niche position in this key market.

We began our presence with a majority holding in the petrol distribution company, Phoenix (renamed Oryx Oil Marketing Company Nigeria Ltd), and we have been operating a fuel storage company, Oryx Free Zone Enterprise (OFZE), in the Calabar Free Trade Zone, in southern Nigeria, since 2008. We are thus able to offer seamless and reliable products and services, as our trading arm sources the products (mainly fuel oil and diesel), Oryx Free Zone Enterprise provides storage and Oryx Oil Marketing Company Nigeria Ltd ensures product import and sale on the domestic market.

Oryx Energies is leveraging its long-standing experience in oil and gas product supply, storage and distribution in Nigeria and is increasingly diversifying its offering to respond to the needs of industrial, commercial, maritime and domestic customers. Its integrated value chain ensures a reliable supply, expertise in a cross-section of products and services and the quality for which the Oryx Energies brand stands in countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

More details about Oryx Energies in Nigeria

Storage: Oryx Free Zone Enterprise operates in the Calabar Free Trade Zone, which is strategically located to supply both the North and East of the country. The facility mainly services the import and distribution needs of Oryx Oil Marketing Company Nigeria Ltd, either as throughput services or dedicated storage capacity. Thanks to its excellent reputation for stock control and speed of truck loading, OFZE also services the needs of third parties as a throughput depot.

Fuel distribution: Oryx Oil Marketing Company Nigeria Ltd diversified its activities from retail distribution to include the bulk import of fuel oil and diesel in 2008, taking advantage of Oryx Energies’ trading arm to source product and the storage facilities of its sister company, Oryx Free Zone Enterprise. It sells to clients Free On Truck from the Calabar terminal and delivers directly to key industrial customers.

Lubricants: Since the opening of Oryx Energies state-of-the-art lubricant blending facility in Togo in 2011, Oryx Oil Marketing Company Nigeria Ltd has offered our wide range of high-quality consumer, industrial and marine lubricants to the Nigerian market.

Retail network: Historically in the retail distribution business, Oryx Oil Marketing Company Nigeria Ltd operated service stations, in the Lagos region and in the west, which provided fuels and LPG cylinders.

Fuel sourcing: Oryx Energies’ trading arm (Addax Energy) sources and supplies a portion of Oryx Oil Marketing Company Nigeria Ltd's oil and gas needs, with OFZE providing the storage facilities. Our trading arm is also a recognised supplier of petroleum products for numerous third party importers.

Products and services:

  • Fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Retail network
  • Storage
  • Fuel sourcing
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Key facts

Presence since: 1989
30,800 M3 fuel storage capacity
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