Our value-adding services

As part of our expertise in lubricants, we offer businesses a wide range of value-adding services tailored to needs.

Beyond the delivery of lubricants on-site, in drums or cans, our specialised staff provide personalised advice to offer the lubricants solution that responds best to each client's needs. 

lubricants chart flow
lubricants chart flow


Our services include the following: 


  • Storage tanks
  • Pumps
  • Lubrication equipment
  • Waste tanks

Plant and lubes survey:

  • Information gathering and analysis
  • Product rationalisation
  • Product recommendation


  • On-site distribution
  • Stock management
  • Offshore bunkering services

Customer training:

  • Product knowledge
  • Product handling
  • Stock management

Technical services:

  • Oil condition monitoring
  • Equipment condition monitoring
  • Lubricant planning software
  • Filtration to ensure product cleanliness

Waste management:

  • Advice
  • Reduction of waste oils
  • Disposal of waste oils

Total cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Analysis and advice to optimise the total cost of ownership by:
    • Prolonging the life of equipment
    • Reducing labour and downtime
    • Optimising service intervals
    • Fewer parts replacements
    • Inventory reduction
    • Total energy savings

Contact us (business clients): info@oryxenergies.com