Discover some of the most common uses for LPG in sub-Saharan Africa


LPG is a perfect fuel for a hob or oven. You can save time and money as surfaces rapidly heat up to the correct temperature and the heat can be quickly adjusted by reducing or increasing the flame at the turn of a dial. It also burns completely, without building up soot, and so users don't have to spend so much time cleaning their pots and pans.

LPG also powers a whole range of energy-saving appliances for a cleaner, more comfortable home.


LPG-fired grills are a quick and easy way to entertain family and friends, with no standing around to wait for the right temperature. You can just fire up and enjoy.

You can also use a special appliance to cook directly on your gas cylinder. A practical solution at home or for leisure.

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Water heating

LPG is a reliable source of energy for domestic hot water appliances, including for bathing, showering, dish-washing and laundry. It has the added advantage of reducing the user's carbon footprint and avoiding being vulnerable to power cuts.


In addition to being well suited for cooking and water heating, LPG is also practical for lighting when electricity is not available. With an additional fixture for your LPG cylinder, you can comfortably extend your evenings with lighting for you and your family.