LPG at home

Several million people around the world use LPG at home for a variety of applications. It provides all the benefits of mains gas, without the connection to the grid. From instant, completely controllable gas cooking, to warm, cosy heating, hot water and lighting.

Safe, reliable, clean, efficient and versatile, LPG can easily turn your home into a relaxing, healthy environment, and provide a welcome alternative when electricity supplies are unreliable.

The use of firewood and charcoal carries important health consequences, in particular damaging the lungs. Their use is also known to contribute to deforestation and climate change, and takes the valuable time of women and young girls to collect, especially in rural areas.

We all know that "old habits die hard", but the switch to LPG represents a positive shift in lifestyles and quickly becomes part of everyday life.

Over the past 15 years, we have built a reputation for the quality and safety of our LPG cylinders and bulk tanks, together with the certainty that they really are correctly filled when our customers buy them.

We are also proud to be Number 1 in LPG in a number of markets in sub-Saharan Africa, as a mark of the trust we have built over the years.